Perfect Storm Footwear | Throw ‘em on. Work ‘em over. Hose ‘em off.
PICTURED: Perfect Storm Footwear | Throw ‘em on. Work ‘em over. Hose ‘em off.

Perfect Storm Footwear | Throw ‘em on. Work ‘em over. Hose ‘em off.

Sep 09, 2021     Brian Brand

Supreme Comfort, Reliable Protection, & Unmatched Value

At our home base on the New Hampshire/Vermont border, we know firsthand about muddy springs, damp autumns, and crazy-cold winters that seem to go on and on. Conditions in our backyard call for gear you can count on - warm, waterproof, supremely comfortable footwear you can trust.

Founded in 2008 and inspired by our New England roots, we consider every minute detail that goes into our boots so you can work harder and play longer. In the cold, the wet, and everything muddy and mucky in between. The result is essential foot gear that delivers dependable protection from the elements with unique features and smart design touches that make life a little easier – and a lot more comfortable.

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Comfort First

Slip-on rubber/neoprene boots are super convenient and a great option when you’re looking for warm, waterproof protection from the elements - whether it’s snow, rain, mud or muck. And while there are several options out there for this type of boot, Perfect Storm’s offers great fitting, supremely comfortable boots at a value. 

One of the things that makes Perfect Storm boots unique is our inside-out approach to developing each and every style in our collection. Sure, waterproof, rugged, durable and warm are crucial elements for a cold weather boot, but at the end of the day - literally - they mean nothing if your feet aren’t comfortable. That’s why we put comfort first and build our boots from the inside out.  

It all starts with our proprietary Perform Fit comfort insole. Unlike other, more expensive boot options in the marketplace that use an inexpensive, unstructured flat insole inside the boot, we’ve specially designed a removable, contoured, molded footbed that reduces fatigue by absorbing shock in key impact zones while providing arch cradling support. It’s a premium solution that provides all-day comfort in even the most rugged conditions. 

2021 Kids Boot Collection

Waterproof and Warm

Long days feel a lot longer when feet are cold and/or wet. And a rubber/neoprene constructed boot is a great choice when looking to avoid just that. 

Neoprene is an excellent insulation material and there are different types of varying quality that provide different levels of warmth. Surfers and deep sea divers have been using premium neoprene as a wetsuit material for decades. On the other side of the spectrum, we’ve all seen thin, inexpensive neoprene used to keep our beverages cold in the form of a coozie. Insulation properties and overall comfort are largely dependent on the quality of neoprene as well as its thickness. 

Perfect Storm uses the highest quality 4-way stretch neoprene available in combination with different types of lining materials to create unique insulation packages that provide different degrees of warmth. Our warmest insulation package, featuring a supple microfleece lining, is comfort rated to as low as -50 degree Fahrenheit. 

While neoprene itself is a waterproof material, it’s the rubber overlay portion of the construction that provides the first line of defense against the elements, debris, scuffs and bangs. Depending on the model, you’ll find that we wrap our rubber in heights between 4 inches on our kid’s winter boots to as high as 12 inches on our men’s work boots. Additionally, you’ll find double and even triple reinforced layers of rubber in high wear and impact zones like the toe and heel areas. 

Grip and Stability

Sure footed traction is a must, especially in the winter when it matters most. But outsole design is not a one-design-fits-all endeavor. At Perfect Storm, we offer 3 outsole options, all with end-use specific lug patterns so you can choose exactly what’s right for you. 

Our new, proprietary XT Outsole sets the standard when it comes to traction in icy conditions. It’s made with a dual durometer rubber compound - softer, super grippy lugs on the outside perimeter, with more traditional, firm lugs in the interior. This allows for incredible grip upon heel strike and through the entire stride, while at the same time providing long lasting durability. We use the XT Outsole throughout the entire Mudonna XT and Thunder XT collections. 

Work in the barnyard is no walk in the park. Having to re-muck a stall that you’ve just finished because you tracked waste or soiled bedding into the newly clean environment simply isn’t an option. Our Calendar Outsole is designed to provide solid traction in slippery barnyard settings without tracking in clumps of the stuff you’re trying to get out. It’s a durable, versatile 3-season outsole that is equally comfortable in muck or snow. We use the Calendar Outsole throughout the entire women’s and kid’s Cloud collections, as well as on the men’s Tundra III.

For those looking for a more trail inspired solution, we offer the Shelter Outsole. Taking its cues from tried and true hiking boots, it’s a rugged outsole that provides excellent traction on a variety of terrains and grades. We combine it with a molded EVA foot frame for unparalleled cushion, support, and durability for all day comfort - work or play. Available exclusively on the men’s Shelter High and Shelter Low. 

Clever Details

Pulling your boots on and removing them at the end of the day should not be a to-do list worthy chore. That’s why you’ll find some rubber/neoprene boots out there with holes in the sides. Usually big enough to fit two or three fingers, they make it easy to pull on even the tallest models. 

The convenience aspect of this fairly common design element makes a lot of sense but intentionally creating a place for snow and debris to enter a cold weather boot seemed to us counterintuitive. The Perfect Storm solution? Our patented Perform Shield™ handle covers. Instead of an open hole in each side of the boot, we back our handles with a layer of thin neoprene. It acts as a barrier, keeping snow and debris on the outside where they belong, while still making it effortless to pull your boots on. 
Boots get dirty. And for those that use them for work on the farm or jobsite, they can get really dirty. Because they are waterproof from top to toe, it’s nice that you can simply hose our boots off to clean them up but when that’s not an option, it’s even nicer to be able to kick them off hands free. That’s why most of our adult boots come stock with an easy-off kick rim on the heel. It’s a low profile little “shelf” that makes it easy to pull off each boot with the toe of the other, keeping your hands away from the day’s work left behind on your boot soles. 

Another small detail that shouldn’t go without mention is a safety feature that we’ve built into our kid’s Cloud High boot collection. As the days turn to dusk earlier and earlier in the winter, the littlest members of the family are often still outside when the daylight fades. It’s for this reason that we’ve added a reflective circle to the heel of each Cloud High boot we produce. Similar to the way a stop sign lights up when hit with a car headlight, these little dots help increase visibility.

Colorful Prints and Patterns

While all of our boots are rugged and built for the worst conditions, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun! Yes, we offer the mandatory black in all styles but we also offer a variety of prints, patterns and colors across our most popular collections. 

Our best selling women’s Cloud High collection includes several design options including a floral print, regal dogs, pensive cats, funky chickens and distinguished horses. And for those that can’t choose just one favorite animal, our best selling Barnyard Fun style features just about every animal you can imagine - horses, cows, chickens, roosters, goats, ducks, sheep, bunnies, dogs and even the barn cat!

Our kid’s Cloud High collection is full of fun and color too with interesting takes on kids camo featuring reptiles, horses and sharks. The Caticorn combines two cherished creatures and incorporates glitter that sparkles in the sun. Mermaids, Outerspace and groovy Power Flowers bring even more color to the collection. Finally, we’re proud to partner once again with RealTree to offer RealTree EDGEⓇ camo in styles for men, women and kids.