About Us

At our home base in New Hampshire we see the seasons blow by and we know firsthand about muddy springs, damp autumns, and crazy-cold winters that seem to go on and on. That’s why we’re passionate about what we do – we’re making boots for our own out-and-about feet, and for our families, too. Founder Stu Coulter was inspired by the epic Perfect Storm of 1991 to create not just more boots, but better ones. Boots designed from the outside-in to handle rain, snow, muck and the coldest temperatures without breaking stride—or breaking the bank.

We consider every detail of our boots so you can work harder and play longer – in the cold, the wet, and everything muddy and mucky in between. The result is easy-on protection you can count on, with practical features like our Perform Reflective safety dots on our kid’s boots, easy-off kick rims on our men’s and women’s work boots and smarter design touches like our patented Perform Shield™ Handle Technology that thwarts unwanted elements from sneaking in.

We keep our hands on every step of the process to make sure our passion comes to life in durable, comfortable, and dependable boots that will keep your family warm and protected, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.